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About DroneCo

Who we are


     Bangladesh Drone Company Ltd. is the first registered drone operator with the with Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms in the South Asian country of Bangladesh.


     Our team consists of current and former airline pilots who have an interest in solving everyday problems by utilizing UAS technology.

     By using drones, our goal is to solve a multitude of challenges that our customers face. We also provide solutions that reduce cost and increase efficiency.

     Our founders come from an aviation background with extensive aeronautical, business and regulatory experience.


     As a company we have extensive knowledge as it pertains to logistics and the challenges facing movement of resources within Bangladesh.

Our Customers


     DroneCo sees itself as a provider of comprehensive solutions to everyday transport and other technical challenges in any industry that can be solved by UAS/Drone technology.


     We see ourselves providing a variety of services to a wide range of customers to help with their needs. There are many industries in Bangladesh that can benefit from the existence and availability of drone systems.  

     The initial response in the market have been positive, and the apparent value of our propositions has our potential target groups excited.


Our Vision

     Our goal is to be able to provide a cost effective and comprehensive UAS/Drone solutions to any industry in the markets we enter. It is our intention to create innovative systems and partner with stakeholders to provide a premier product that is based on safety, efficiency and reliability.


     We want to see the people of Bangladesh prosper in every way possible with the safe use of Drone technology. DroneCo sees itself being a partner to all stakeholders of the Digital Bangladesh Movement.  


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