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Photographer Jabir F Jaman’s ‘Bangladesh from the Sky’ held virtually

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Bangladeshi drone photographers display their creative skills at a national exhibition. Artists are usually some of the first to adopt technology with which they can explore their creativity.

Artist: Jabir F. Jaman
Photo: Courtesy EMK

Below is the online article published online on the 24th of January 2021 by The Daily Star's website by Maisha Islam Monamee.

"Bangladesh from the Sky", an exhibition featuring drone photography-based works of aspiring photographer Jabir F Jaman, is currently on display on EMK Center's website. The photographs capture the scenic beauty of Bangladesh from the sky, thereby providing a bird's eye view of the nation's pristine rivers, lush forests and famous tourist spots. It is available for viewers till January 31.

The exhibition presents 30 photographs, all taken with the support of a drone, projecting the view of Bangladesh from the sky. From historic monuments to paddy fields and beaches, it intends to provide the viewers with a thrilling experience of seeing Bangladesh from a different lens.

Jabir, currently working as a photographer at Checkmate Events, took these photographs throughout the past two years. "The main idea behind this project was to portray our aerial landscape in a proper way," he shared. Aerial photography is regarded as one of the most favorite genres among photographers. "When we take the drone to the sky, we often forget about the composition and I have tried to maintain all aspects in my shots," he added.

Jabir has been using Google Earth as a tool for his work since 2009. He enjoyed viewing the various forms of different places and wondered whether it was possible to experience these locations with more clarity. Apart from the natural beauty, he has tried to showcase the different forms of well-known sceneries. His drone further provided him the perfect opportunity of wanderlusting.

While talking about the photographs on display, he shared that the shot featuring Suhrawardy Udyan was his favorite. "When I first saw the oval shape, I did not even imagine that it was possible to fly that high. However, I managed to take a single shot from the highest possible altitude," he added. As this exhibition was launched in the year we are celebrating 50 years of our independence, he looks forward to people enjoying the beauty of Bangladesh, in a new way. "When you are disappointed with the surroundings, try to change the perspective. Sometimes changing your perspective can alter the way you think," he concluded.

The author likes to read her way through life, and you will always find her scribbling and planning. Follow her @monameereads on Instagram.


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