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Ministry of Civil Aviation & Tourism publishes gazette: "Drone Reg, Operation & Flying Policy 2020"

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism (MOCAT) has completed and published the long awaited National Drone Policy of Bangladesh which was promised by The Honorable Minster Mahbub Ali to the Bangladesh Parliament.

The 12 page policy is published in the form of a gazette on the Department of Printing and Publishing's (DPP) website. We have also included a PDF version of this document in it's original state toward end of this article along with a direct link.

The 12 page document dated 5th October 2020 was published in record time by MOCAT. It is evident with this policy that the ministry exemplified a forward thinking and comprehensive approach in its making along with a heavy presence of safety awareness in the policy. MOCAT also displayed a sense of inclusion to all users and potential applications of Drone technology. The biggest talking points that are addressed seem to be an overall sense of safety for all drone operations in Bangladesh.

The document includes among many items; detailed policies which answer a lot of questions in regards to how the future Drone regulations will look like in Bangladesh.

The document also gives us answers to 10 common and long awaited Drone related questions:

  1. The motivation behind this new "Drone Policy 2020"

  2. General definitions

  3. Who will be able to use Drones

  4. What kind of Drones will be allowed including their classifications

  5. Where will Drones be allowed to fly

  6. What applications Drones can and cannot be used for

  7. What various agencies will be responsible for Drone regulations, registrations and operating approvals

  8. Drone import, assembly and manufacturing policy outlook

  9. Drone pilot training outlook

  10. Penalties for unauthorized flying of drones

"Drone Registration, Operation and Flying Policy 2020"

Now that we know what the future drones policies will look like the final question remains.

How will all of this be implemented?

This gazette is now going to be reviewed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) for its regulatory and implementation phase. CAAB in collaboration with all other stakeholders and agencies will create the necessary regulations required to bring this policy into fruition.

All Drone stakeholders wish the hard working individuals at CAAB the best of luck and look forward to a robust internationally standardized set of Drone regulations.

Download PDF • 209KB


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