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Recreational Only Drones Approved For Flights Up To 100 Feet AGL In the Green Zones



Swearing in the year of Mujib

will keep air traffic safe"




March 23, 2021

Among the technologies that have already found routes among the people at present, drone technology is another which follows computer and mobile technology. In recent times, drones are being used in various fields including scientific research, business trade, entertainment and due to the availability of technology, the use of drones in Bangladesh at various levels of private/government/public/military/civilian field is constantly increasing. In the light of the direction of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, to ensure the privacy and security of personal and state privacy and to protect the safety of public and state property for the purpose of building a Digital Bangladesh, the Drone Registration and Aviation Policy, 2020 has recently been formulated for the purpose of following all concerned in order to import, manufacture, assemble and export done in a well-regulated pattern. The Bangladesh Civil Aviation Authority recently organized a virtual workshop for the smooth implementation of the said policy. The workshop was chaired by Bangladesh Civil Aviation Authority chairman Air Vice Marshal Md. Mofidur Rahaman, BBP, BSP, BUP, NDU, AFW, PSC and ministries of the Government along with focal points of various ministries of drone related affair and the Authority.

At the beginning of his speech, the chairman of Bangladesh Civil Aviation Authority Air Vice Marshal Md. Mofidur Rahaman wished all those present at the workshop, the birth centenary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman, the best Bengali of the millennium and the golden jubilee of independence and highlighted the direction of the Prime Minister Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina in binding a digital Bangladesh and using technology at all levels. He further said the use of drones is vital for the overall development of the country and a “suitable for the age” policy is necessary to spread its use everywhere by ensuring safety, security and privacy.

Authorities initially issued the Civil Aviation Circular (CAC) on Operating Remotely Piloted System (RPAS) in 2019 and through the said circular, various government agencies were supervising the operation of drones. Subsequently, in the light of the directives of the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism, the current policy was promulgated through coordination among all the concerned ministries with a view to making the operation of drones easier and more well-timed. In order to implement the drone policy, all the concerned ministries or agencies as per the provision of this policy have to prepare and publish their own policies.

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Chairman Bangladesh Civil Aviation Authority hoped that this policy will facilitate the approval, registration, operation import and other issues related to drones in Bangladesh and will benefit the people of Bangladesh.

In the light of the policy, the Director of Flight Standards, Regulations and International Affairs Group Captain Imranur Rahaman highlighted the penalties for unauthorized importing, manufacturing and assembling of drones, registration of the same, unauthorized drones classification, operating in flying area, conditions of same, and unauthorized certification of flying of drones. He mentioned that drones are classified into four categories on their usage and in terms of flying and the drone operation zone has been divided into 3 segments considering security, safety and privacy issues. Class A drones weighing less than 5 (five) kg (including payload) or less, can be flown at less than 100 (one hundred) feet altitude in the Green Zone without permission for entertainment purposes. However, class ‘A’ drones capable of flying above 5 (five) kg (with payload) or at altitude above 100 (one hundred) feet are required to fly in the Green Zone and have to fly subject to the permission as CAAB abiding by the prescribed rules. Here entertainment means, flying drones for group or personal photography, toys or leisure activities.

The Green Zone is not included in the Yellow or Red Zone but is the only zone at 100 feet, where drones can be flown without permission. Reserved Area, Restricted Area, Military Area, Populated Area, Congested Areas will be considered as Yellow Zone and Prohibited Area, Danger Area, Airport/KPI/Special KPIs will be considered as Red Zone. Drones used by government / non-government organizations / individuals for non-commercial purposes such as education and research are B category; C category drones will be used for commercial and professional purposes such as surveys, still photography, film making and cargo carrying. Class ‘B’ and ‘C’ drones can be flown in any Zone subject to the rules prescribed by the CAAB.

Any person / organization can apply for the registration / identification number of the drone from CAAB by applying in the prescribed form and manner mentioned in the ANO for class A, B and C category of drones. CAAB will publish Drone Operation policy ANO on Drone Operation which can be found on CAAB’s website For C category drones, CAAB’s certificate has to be obtained mentioning that the frequency used in the drone communication will not be a hindrance to any other important communication system (radio, television, mobile, satellite and aviation). In accordance with the import policy of the government and following rules by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, drones or parts of drones can be imported and as per rules specified by the Ministry of Commerce, drones or parts for making and assembling drones can be set up.

Drone Flight Terms –

  • Except D category and A category drones below 5 (five) kg (including Payload) or drones capable of flying less than 100 (one hundred) feet, all other category of drones must be registered as per the prescribed procedure of CAAB.

  • Without special permission from the CAAB, category ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ drones cannot be operated at night (time between sunrise and sunset).

  • Without special permission, drones flights of all categories will be prohibited with effect from 3 (three) days prior and within 2 (two) kilometers of meeting / assembly place of VVIP except for ‘D’ category drones.

  • Except for ‘D’ category, all drones will be prohibited from flying in any open space and within 5 (five) kilometers of meeting / assembly and during national / international events without special permission from CAAB.

  • In order to avoid any possible complications, except in the Green Zone, the drone operator at his own responsibility, will inform the local police station in writing before the drone takes to the air.

  • Except for recreational purpose under category ‘A’ drone, which is not above 5 (five) kg or capable of flying less than 100 (one hundred) feet, for all other cases the age limit of drone operator should be minimum 18 (eighteen) years and educational qualification should be at least SSC or equivalent passed.

  • Provision to take legal action has been reserved under Penal Code 1860 (Act No. 45 of the year 1860) and Civil Aviation Act, 2017 (Act No. 18 of the year 2017) may be taken against the person or organization concerned for operating drones in an unauthorized manner including manufacturing, assembling, registration, and certifications of pilots.

The public is requested to visit the website of Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism website for detailed information about the policy:


Mohammed Sohail Kamruzzanan

PS to the Chairman and Public Relation Officer,

Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh, Headquarters,

Kurmitola, Dhaka-1221

Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism

Head Office: Kurmitola, Dhaka-1229

Phone: 8901904-13; 8901881-13

Fax: 88-02-8901411


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